The 7 Day Blood Pressure Solution

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One Of America's Most Loved Presidents, FDR, Died From The Silent Killer, High Blood Pressure
Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the most successful Presidents in history, and the only one to serve four consecutive terms, suffered the wrath of high blood pressure.

FDR got the United States through the Great Depression with his New Deal , and led the country successfully in its efforts during World War 2.

Over the last few years of his life, FDR's health was significantly declining. He was known to have significantly elevated blood pressure for years.

Approximately one year before his death, FDR's blood pressure was found to be 240/130!

The consequences of his uncontrolled blood pressure led to him developing congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and ultimately a massive stroke which claimed his life.

His death shook the nation.

Over a half of a million people attended the funeral procession, many openly weeping the loss of such a tremendous leader.

So what really lead to the death of America's most beloved President


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