The Hip Flexibility Solution

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Breakthrough 3D Flexibility System Proves It."
Now You Can Unlock Your Tight Hips To Quickly Gain Strength, Speed And Power While ERASING Knee, Hip And Back Pain Using These Powerful Routines That Take LESS Than 20 Minutes

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Having Tight Hips Is Like Driving With The Brakes On

Not only are you limiting your speed and power, you’re also putting excess wear and tear on your muscles and joints.

This, my friend, is the opportunity that lies in front of you right now

Simply “release the brakes” and you’ll experience INSTANT gains in your speed and power and unleash the true potential your body already possesses.

And for those of us who enjoy taking our bodies to the limit, after “releasing the brakes” we can do so with the confidence of knowing we’re not putting excess wear and tear on our muscles or joints.

This is why I’m so excited to finally be able to introduce you to the fastest and most effective flexibility program ever developed to unlock your tight hips

It is with great pride that I present to you the Hip Flexibility Solution program:

Inside the Hip Flexibility Solution program, you’ll discover:

  • The 5 biggest mistakes 99.9% of people make that prevents your body from reaching it’s flexibility potential.
  • A simple tweak you can apply to any stretch to ensure you’re not just targeting the muscles and fascia, but also the most important factor limiting your flexibility your JOINT CAPSULE.
  • The 7 main reasons you get tight in the first place once you know them, you can identify the things you’re doing every day that contribute to your inflexible hips.
  • How improper breathing can rob you of your flexibility and 2 simple and powerful exercises to restore your deep, diaphragmatic breathing pattern.
  • The importance of core stability and how if your core isn’t working right, you’re never going to be able to unlock your hips and 5 bodyweight exercises to restore proper core function.
  • How to get expert therapist-level results with foam rolling and self-myofascial release (Hint: you’ll do it by taking advantage of something known as “reciprocal inhibition”).
  • The 8 powerful methods used in the 3D Flexibility System to quickly unlock your tight hips allowing you to move with more speed and power and eliminate compensatory pain and injuries.
  • And a heck of a lot more


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