The Ultimate Home and Travel Workout

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According to a recent CDC Report, only 1 in 5 Americans get proper exercise.

3 out of 100 people feel that they’re in great shape. 3%!

For the people who achieve the results they want,

it’s not about genetics (I’ve trained the most crisis stressed vocations in human history, many of them as genetically disadvantaged as myself);

It’s not the about the best gym (oh, you can sometimes find “it” there, but you can, with greater likelihood find it in your own home, hotel or workspace – where you ACTUALLY LIVE.)

It’s not about money (I’ve trained billionaires with the same troubles as everyone else – and I’ve worked with homeless who reclaim their fitness, and their lives as a result.);

It’s not even about motivational level (I’ve worked with best-selling self-help authors and renowned motivational speakers who are in abysmal physical shape; and I’ve trained people with depression and anxiety and aided in stabilizing their biochemistry.


It’s about finding the right rhythm… There’s the “secret sauce” there – a science hidden in plain sight – appearing in nature at both the cellular and the celestial level – and those who get and keep their results stumble upon what makes these 3% successful.

How you move is mirrored by your body. Move strong = look strong. Move well = be well.
Have you ever seen a beast of a man grunting out heavy tonnage with dangerous lack of good exercise form Did he get big and strong Sure. And what happens within a very short time Big, strong guy with bad technique starts to look like his technique: like he’s about to break. And he does. And he ends up finding me to put the pieces back together.

I’m TOTALLY FINE helping anyone, but I’d rather help people BEFORE their destroy themselves… because you can get the results without destroying yourself.

Do I have anything against being a beast of a man Nope. I’m not too small myself. But I would rather, and tens of thousands of my students would rather look like we can move powerfully without pain or injury.
How do you want to look No matter what you do, you’re going to look like what you do. But HOW you do it determines how YOU LOOK doing it – your time under technique creates your shape.

For lean muscle, regardless of aging, traveling, working and stressing, it’s about taking short periods of time to perform clean technique. (This also means that you need proper techniques as your foundation.)

But can you apply it in your actual life What will it require of you to be able to apply this principle in your exercise – so your body has NO CHOICE but to become the movement you perform


The most welcomed discovery comes in realizing these results come in only 20 minutes…

I named this new addition to the TACFIT fleet – the “Bodyweight and Dumbbell 45” – or BAD45 to be succinct, because it takes the most fundamental, full-body, functional bodyweight and dumbbell movements and organizes them in the most succinct manner to optimize your results, while minimizing time investment.

In a moment, I will tell you exactly how this works – and the reason that I have 100% faith that it repeats its results for EVERYONE who embraces it – but hold on for one moment, and let yourself ask the question:

Why DID you research this How do you KNOW for certain that this is the truth, and not just a theory “.
Believe me, my friends – I truly wish that this was just a theory that I devised sitting in my office one day. Unfortunately, for me, it was quite the long, difficult road of first-hand experience and then rigorous study and experimentation………..WHY CAN THIS SIMPLE SYSTEM GET RESULTS FOR EVERYONE – YOUNG OR OLD – REGARDLESS OF YOUR STARTING POINT

Scott and Summer There are 8 tactics used by the “Successful 3%” which when used in a systematic way, give everyone access to the same level of success. So, what “Great 8” do all of the three-percenters use

The system must be:
1. Variable: not over-training any movement, yet refining skill to increase benefits.
2. Comprehensive: addressing all of the body’s needs for movement.
3. Simple: accessible by anyone regardless of state of condition.
4. Durable: not breaking down under stress, and increasing resistance to stress.
5. Functional: training the whole body systemically, not segmentally.
6. Progressive: improving over time to avoid backslide.
7. Recoverable: programming to increase energy, not deplete it.
8. Technical: based on proper form, not extreme effort… My “Time Under Technique!” Principle…

The hidden Method behind this madness lies in the programming. BAD45 doesn’t have an expiration date on its benefits. I’ve laid out a design for ANY level of fitness, whether you are broken like I was, or already the badass that you are and every person can become… if they follow these carefully-placed bread crumbs through the labyrinth.

I questioned 87,000 of my clients for the most significant challenges they faced in order to get back in shape, and the #1 answer was that they didn’t have a program to meet all of their needs over time: either it was too easy, too hard, or didn’t take them too far.

Because of my neck injury causing me to go back to the chalkboard and start over, my tragic accident gave me the perfect opportunity to apply what I have learned over 25 years as an industry leader, and create a step-by-step guide for everyone, regardless of where they started, and for as long as they wanted to continue improving…

BAD45, therefore, has five different schedules:

1. RESTART: For those who’re coming off a long break, or having just recovered from an injury.
(84 days)

2. REBUILD: For those who’ve taken a short break and need to get back on the horse.
(84 days)

3. STRENGTH: For those who’ve been exercising sporadically, but nothing serious.
(84 days)

4. MASS: For those who regularly exercise, and are looking to break through long-held plateaus.
(49 days)

5. REFINE: For those who are disciplined exercise enthusiasts, and are ready for the next level.
(35 days)


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