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High Testosterone Levels, Ferocious Libido, and Unstoppable Sexual Performance, Well into ?Old Age'.

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Here’s the Good News:

  • Preparing these Superherbs takes just 30 seconds a day (or less)


  • They’re 100% SAFE and NATURAL


  • The really GREAT News is this.
  • They’ll work for any man including YOU, my friend!

In fact, the truth is that these little-known, yet ultra-powerful Superherbs will arm you with the kind of Sexual Confidence and Performance that’ll make any woman hopelessly addicted to you in bed.

And have her BEGGING you for sex day and night.

FACT: If You’ll Take This Powerful New Formula Once A Day – You’ll Enjoy Healthy, Optimal Testosterone Levels, and Huge Sexual Power and Performance

(Plus. Big Cum Shots’ Too)

After taking the Superherbs Elwin gave me and enjoying mind-blowing sexual performances as a result I called him up one day and said:

“Man, we gotta let other guys try this”

And, so it began.

Months of time, effort and research into creating the very best Sexual Performance enhancing Formula on planet Earth.

The thing that made it challenging is we knew, to be the very best, it had to be:

  • Easy to Prepare (because the herbs Elwin originally gave me required time-consuming measuring and mixing each day)
  • Great Tasting (the herbs Elwin originally had me taking certainly gave me outstanding confidence in the bedroom, but they tasted like CRAP!)
  • 100% Free from Toxic Fillers and Harmful Additives – which most sexual health products are full of
  • A Tea, not a Capsule or Pill, because Capsules and Pills are often not absorbed properly, they just go right through you, or even get stuck in your digestive system
  • The absolute most Powerful Super Herbs, in the perfect proportions and quantities, to give the very best results possible
  • An effective dose – as we discovered, all other men’s sexual health products on the market were at such a low dose they were usually completely ineffective (and any results men did experience when taking such products were almost certainly just a Placebo effect!)

All this meant that we couldn’t do what everyone else in our business was secretly doing:

.buying a ready made formula off the shelf,’ from one of a handful of HUGE companies that produce this kind of product, that’s basically the same as everyone else’s (just with a different label on it!).

.we had to have something custom made ourselves, from scratch, at great time, effort and expense.

Why did we go to so much more extra time, effort and expense than anyone else

Well, we were determined to create a Formula for men who want to be Alpha Males that actually worked.

Giving you Healthy Testosterone Levels, a powerful Libido and enough Sexual Power’ to FULLY SATISFY even the most hard-to-please women. Not to mention. incredibly intense and powerful orgasms, and really Big Loads.’


2 Reasons:

For many years, in my emails, and best-selling books and videos, I’d taught guys how to be incredible in bed. how to totally blow the mind of any woman they slept with. Of course, to use what I taught effectively, men needed to be able to Perform in the bedroom.

However, many of my customers wrote to me, telling me how they’d love to use the Sexual Techniques I taught, with their women, but they couldn’t, because they couldn’t Rise To The Occasion.’

Some of the their letters really touched and moved me. They reminded me of my own earlier struggles with sexual performance, and how PAINFUL and HUMILIATING they were. Hearing about their pain and suffering, in great detail, over and over, made me realise this was not an unusual occurrence. even though many men felt like it, because they were suffering in silence.

I felt so bad for them, it made me passionate about helping them resolve this issue once and for all – and I knew the Super Herbs Elwin had introduced me to were the way to do it.

We wanted to create a product so EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL men wouldn’t just buy it once and forget about it – instead:

They’d buy it, LOVE the results, and recommend us to all their male friends.

Eventually, we perfected the Formula (including 9 of the most Powerful Eastern Superherbs on the Planet – in very specific quantities). And, since then, it’s been used successfully by over 30,000 men. so you can get the same tremendous Sexual Benefits I now enjoy on a daily basis!

What Is This Powerful Formula

It’s called Rock-Hard Formula.

And there are 4 simple ways you can take it.

Add 2 teaspoons to your favorite Smoothie or Shake (this is how I take it most of the time)ORWarm up some water, add 2 teaspoons, stir and drink it down (this is the Traditional Eastern way to take Superherbs. It’s just like making Instant Coffee)

Alternatively, if you like, you can:

Sprinkle it over breakfast cereal. Or, add it to soup

Should you try it

Damn right you should! (Assuming you want to safely and naturally Boost your Testosterone Levels, maintain your Circulation & Blood Flow Down There,’ become an Alpha Male, and enjoy the kind of Sexual Power and Performance’ most women would KILL to experience).

Here Are The 5 Huge Benefits You’ll Get When You Drink Rock-Hard Formula.

  • Healthy, Optimal Testosterone Levels – creating the kind of Incredible Sexual Power, Performance and CONFIDENCE most men will never have (prepare to give your woman truly GREAT SEX, night after night. making her CUM over and over, and over again. so HARD her body-shakes, toes curl, and she SCREAMS your name!)
  • Healthy Circulation & Blood Flow to your extremities, especially to your most Prized Asset’ – something sure to put a smile on your woman’s face!
  • Truly HUGE Loads – the kind of Massive Cum Shots’ that’ll have your woman SCREAMING with delight, every time you give her The Money Shot’ (and, bragging to her girlfriends about what a STUD you are in bed)
  • More Sensitive, Pleasurable and Intense Ejaculations (prepare for a feeling better than you’ve ever dreamed possible. every time you Shoot your Wad’)
  • Effortlessly High Libido – just like that of a Horny Teenager (honestly, all it might take you to get fully aroused, and ready to perform,’ is the sight of a hot woman or a whiff of her perfume. just don’t blame me if you get so full and engorged it’s UNCOMFORTABLE. and certainly don’t come crying to me if you start getting spontaneous urges to fuck your woman in public. because it’s a problem’ many guys would kill to have!)And, the really neat thing is.The benefits you re gonna get from Rock-Hard Formula aren’t just SEXUAL.

    You see.

The Superherbs in Rock-Hard Formula WILL Also:

  • Increase your Muscle Mass and Decrease your Body-Fat Levels – giving you a more Manly, Lean and Alpha Physique (Note: when you Boost your Testosterone Levels – things like your Muscle Mass and Strength INCREASE easily – assuming you’re also eating well and exercising)
  • Build overall Health and Wellness (dramatically improving the quality of your daily life)
  • Give you more ENERGY and increasing your PRODUCTIVITY – which increases your chances of being successful (and we all know women find successful men highly attractive!)
  • Make your Skin, Hair and Nails look incredible (something women notice and find incredibly attractivein a man. So, if you want more sex this is a very good thing! 😉
  • Support and Detox your Liver (particularly important if you eat and drink a less-than-perfect’ diet)
  • Improve Dental and Oral Health (let’s face it. women love a guy with a healthy smile. And aches and pains in your mouth are about as fun as a kick in the nuts)
  • Increase your physical STRENGTH – so long as you also do some resistance based exercise (helping you to become a more Dominant, Alpha Lover and making day-to-day tasks much easier and less stressful on your body)
  • Significantly increase your levels of Confidence, Drive, Determination, Motivation and Assertiveness (Hint: Higher Testosterone Levels give you these traits, and Rock Hard Formula helps you have Healthy Testosterone Levels!)

And so much more.

Think about this.


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