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Overcoming Your Fear of Flying Can be Easier than You Think

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What if you overcame your fear

How would life be different

To be honest, I almost take for granted how much easier life is now that I’ve conquered my fear.

I’ve gotten to see so many new places and have so many experiences, even though it took me a long time to overcome my fear of flying, it was worth every second. But it doesn’t have to take you anywhere near as long.

If you could hop a plane whenever you liked and not have anxiety about it, think about where you would go. I know there are places you want to see and things you really want to do, but you feel you can’t because of your fear. It doesn’t have to be that way. The whole world can open up to you once you move past your fear…

Things don’t need to be so stressful and vacations and trips can be FUN again, like they should be. Maybe you could advance at work or have a different career completely if you knew you could fly in peace and comfort. What effect would it have on other people in your life Does your family miss out because of your fear Do you see friends less Don’t you at least owe it to THEM to overcome your fear of flying

Here’s how you and I can work together to help you overcome your fear of flying…

Like we had talked about, we’re going to focus on two core areas, helping you trust the plane and its personnel, and helping you trust yourself and your ability to choose your reaction on board.

Of course, quite a bit goes into accomplishing both of those things, let’s look at the first…

You need to learn to trust how the plane works and that it is an incredibly safe form of travel. Now pay attention here…I don’t mean you need to read more statistics. Your fear isn’t occurring on a logical level so simply ingesting facts and figures won’t help (as you probably already know). What you need is to truly know on an emotional level – down in your GUT – that the plane is going to be safe.

You’re going to begin by learning how planes fly, how qualified the people in the airline industry are, and get all your “what if” questions answered.

You’ll finally understand inside and out exactly how planes fly and why they’re the safest form of travel. It’s not going to be complicated and scientific, that only confuses people and isn’t really helpful. Instead, it’s going to be presented in a way that I think will “click” for you…and you may find that a lot of what you may worry about happening simply can’t happen.

I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you why you can completely trust the people that work in aviation. From pilots to air traffic controllers to the mechanics…you’re going to feel good about putting your faith in the people working to keep you safe and secure in the air.

The most eye opening part of this section is when you’ll find answers to all your “what if” questions about flying. I conducted in-depth interviews with actual flight crew and got answers to common questions fearful fliers have about the plane, safety, and flying in general.

By the time you’re done with this section, you’ll probably know more about flying and aviation than anyone else on board the plane besides the pilot, and we’ll be ready to move on to the second part, learning to trust yourself and your ability to control your reaction.

You can learn how to stop your anxiety dead in its tracks…and teach yourself a NEW response of confidence and calm…

What if you KNEW you could change your reaction on board the airplane from one of anxiety and fear to one of confidence and calm There would be nothing to fear, right

Well I’ve got news for you…

You CAN learn to control your reaction and end your anxiety.

Your mind has been tricked into thinking flying is dangerous, or somehow poses a threat, so it does what it SHOULD do, it puts you on high alert and pumps you full of chemicals that bring on your anxiety!

Maybe this happens because you never truly understood how flying works, or maybe because you never really trusted yourself to be ok on board, in a situation you couldn’t escape from. Regardless of WHY you’re afraid, it’s critical that you learn how to seize control of your anxiety, so you know that even if you do get a little anxious, you can turn it off, just like turning off a faucet on a sink.

You’re going to learn a four step technique that can actually shut down your anxious reaction, either on board the plane or in the days prior to your flight. Once you know you can “turn it off”, you can begin to “teach” your mind that it’s been making a huge mistake and that flying ISN’T a threat to be protected from. You’ll be given specialized tools and taught a variety of ways to re-train your brain to react with feelings of peace instead of anxiety.

You can actually be MORE relaxed in the air than you are on the ground!

Now let me tell you what the Takeoff Today program ISN’T

I know it may sound hard to believe…but if you can learn to be afraid of flying, even though we both know there’s no REAL danger in it, you can certainly teach yourself to react the RIGHT way – WITHOUT FEAR.

You just have to learn how to “teach” yourself, and that’s what I learned to do that allowed me to completely overcome my fear. It’s not hard, it doesn’t take long, and it’s not hypnosis, positive thinking, or some other nonsense that flat out doesn’t work…

Once you learn what’s inside the Takeoff Today program, you’ll have everything I think you need to not only fly without fear, but to learn to enjoy it!

You won’t need to have your days ruined with nerves before the flight, and you’ll KNOW that you can control your reaction on board the plane.

You don’t need to resort to drinking or pills to take the edge off. I don’t think hat ever REALLY works and can even be dangerous, especially on board a plane.


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