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the guide you should have got with your gut

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Hemorrhoids Saviour is the guide every gut owner should have been born with it covers everything you’ll ever need to know about hemorrhoids, what causes them and how to treat them naturally.

After so many years of working in surgeon’s clinics, and then studying natural alternatives for hemorrhoids, I came to realise that:

1. Thousands suffer needlessly, when a few simple remedies could easily end their misery.

2. Thousands waste money needlessly, buying expensive medications that don’t cure the problem, address the root cause, or prevent future occurrences. Many drugs and creams can create side-effects and even more expense and discomfort.

3. Thousands undergo surgery needlessly, surrendering to the scalpel when, in so many cases, a simple at-home cure, plus a few easy preventative measures, could save them the risk and pain of an operation which, in many cases, is not a guarantee they will not return. (Why Because surgery doesn’t cure the cause)

If I told you how many patients in the clinics where I worked still had severe problems after surgery and how many had multiple operations, you probably wouldn’t believe it. In my experience, most surgeons don’t tell you this.
Surgery does not always heal properly then what Another operation More creams and drugs
And they don’t always tell you about the recovery time and associated pain if anyone tries to tell you it’s a painless operation and you’ll be back at work in two or three days, you’ll be extremely lucky. Be prepared it can be an exceptionally painful procedure, for a prolonged period of time.
And if you are unfortunate enough to have any complications, you will almost certainly wish you had tried my easy treatment program first.

You might be wondering what’s wrong with over-the-counter or prescription hemorrhoid preparations Many contain ingredients such as corticosteroids, vasoconstrictors, antiseptics, aesthetics and analgesics. Then there’s petrolatum, mineral oil, shark liver oil
What do these chemicals do To give you some idea, vasoconstrictors can cause an increase in blood pressure did you know that you should seek medical advice before using any of these if you suffer from heart disease, diabetes, thyroid conditions or hypertension (and if I told you how many people are suffering from these conditions without even knowing it, you would be shocked you could be, too).

Use of cortisone creams can cause permanent atrophy (thinning) of the skin. It is irreversible. This can make the skin around the backside itchy, but because it is thin and delicate, even slight scratching can cause tearing. Even if the hemorrhoids/piles disappear, you can be left with permanently thin and hyper-sensitive skin. If your hemorrhoids don’t go, this thinning of the skin will only add to your misery. I’ve seen it happen more often than you would want to know.
I’m sure you’ve heard the other concerns about the use of cortisone treatments especially if used longer than short term.
With some creams, the more you use them, the less effective they become, until they have virtually no effect at all.

On many hemorrhoid medications, you will find warnings not to use them for longer than seven days. Problem is, when you stop using them, the swelling often return. Then what (And why is it that you cannot use them for more than a week What will happen if you do )
Not to mention the allergic reactions to some of these drugs.
How would you know whether a cream will give you a rash around your backside You won’t until you get it. Then you have another problem and even more discomfort in a place where you could most do without it.
Many treatments cannot be used with bleeding hemorrhoids how do you treat these What if you have both types

Even if your hemorrhoids don’t require surgery and you are able to manage them with creams and suppositories, do you really want to do that unpleasant job for the rest of your life

So, why take unnecessary risks and put up with the nastiness of it all when there are easy and inexpensive alternatives

And why treat only the symptoms when you can also treat the cause and actually eliminate the problem from your life
Do you really want the worry of wondering when the next attack will occur
Hemorrhoids can worsen with age why wait
Even if you have only a mild case, treating them now is always bette than waiting til they’re worse.
Advanced hemorrhoids can be successfully treated with my treatment program it’s been used by people in their seventies and eighties with stage 3 and 4 hemorrhoids but starting before they worsen will always bring quicker results.

Hemorrhoids are a desperate message from your body telling you something is wrong inside.
When a warning light flashes on your car, do you ignore it
Generally not, because you know there could be a more serious problem ahead if you don’t attend to it quickly.
Hemorrhoids are a warning light they’re your body’s way of telling you that all is not right, and help is required.

You should not ignore this warning, especially when it is so easy to treat the problem.

Did you know hemorrhoids can be a sign of a serious disorder with another of the body’s major organs and it can be easily treated.

Did you know one of the main symptoms of hemorrhoids can also cause cardiac stress, even if you have no previous heart problems

A Nobel prize winner says one of the causes of hemorrhoids is also one of the major causes of ageing and many other illnesses.

For all these reasons, I became disillusioned with the medically-based mainstream ways of treating this problem.
None of them seemed to address the actual causes.
I hate to say it, as I have the greatest respect for the surgeons for whom I have worked, but so many medical professionals seem more interested in writing prescriptions and getting out their knives than offering preventative advice or non-drug alternatives.

I never met a doctor who told a hemorrhoid sufferer that they could be increasing their risk of a life-threatening heart disorder, by failing to address one of the most common symptoms and causes of hemorrhoids.
Yet this threat is very real.

A leading physician says death is not rare when referring to one of the disorders associated with hemorrhoids. You would probably never imagine you could die from this But you can easily avoid it.

Millions of people around the globe suffer from hemorrhoids.

However, from my own clinic, I cannot possibly help the number of people who need my advice. Not everyone can afford consultations with a nutritionist or natural health specialist and there are very few who specialise in the natural treatment of such disorders.

And it’s not easy to find the answers by yourself. Although there are ample articles about hemorrhoids, it’s often difficult to know fact from fiction. I spend half my time in my practice disseminating internet mis-information. (I’m often horrified by the inaccuracies on the net.)

Hemorrhoids Saviour is my way of putting the best information in the hands of as many people as possible and in the hands of the people who need it the most.

Hemorrhoids Saviour is the result of decades of research and first-hand clinical experience.


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