KETO – The Easiest Way to BURN FAT

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Get 9 hours of good night’s sleep tonight then follow the plan

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Did you know that visceral belly fat and chronic inflammation are the underlying cause for many of your health problems You don’t become overweight or obese by lack of exercise, discipline or character. Obesity is a metabolic disorder, a hormonal disease that has nothing to do with your natural love for beef pot roast, grilled lamb chops and baby back ribs and everything to do with your insulin based metabolism of Grains, Potatoes and Sugar (G.P.S.) that leads to insulin resistance and gucose intolerance.

YES on KETO – The Easiest Way to BURN FAT

Dietary Ketosis or simply KETO is not a diet, but a metabolic switch that allows your body to switch and burn fat for energy including your own visceral belly fat. Instead of glucose (sugar molecules), you will be burning ketones (fat molecules) for energy! As you have already learned in Chapter-1 reducing inflammation and burning visceral belly fat requires nine hours of good night’s sleep and top-quality real food for dinner. My favorite is roasted lamb curry, made with inflammation fighting bone broth, coconut oil, garlic, ginger and turmeric.


A Good Night’s Sleep is the time when your body’s healing hormones are released and the immune system shuts down digestion and other non-essential body functions. This sleep time is essential to your health beause when you are sleeping you are actualy fasting. When you are fasting overnight your blood glucose and your blood insulin will be very low in the morning. When your insulin is low you can burn fat for energy including your own visceral belly fat. You need to make sure your dinner contains No Grains (G), No Potatoes (P), No Sugar (S). If you do not spike your insulin in the morning with pancakes and maple syrup, you will continue burning fat 24/7.

Your fat burning transformation starts tonight after 9pm. I burned 34 pounds of visceral belly fat over the first 60 days on KETO. Yes, burning visceral belly fat requires resting in bed for 9 hours, then follow the plan. You should postpond your trip to the gym because bringing physical or emotinal strees in your daily life will raise your blood sugar and spike your insulin. When your insulin is high you re storing fat 24/7 When your insulin is low you re burning fat 24/7. You need to rest, relax and enjoy your sugar free lifestyle every day. I don’t know what the future brings, but I feel great today after 20 years of poor health. My blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol are back to normal. I lost 10 inches around my waist line, going from size 50 to size 40 in just eight weeks. My CRP inflammation marker today is downs to 1.6 and my A1C glycation marker is down to 5.3 and yes it feels great to be healthy. I feel climbing mountains again. As I will explain later on in my book PREMATURE AGING has little to do with your AGE but the blood glucose and glycation of proteins. This adverse metabolic process is called GLYCATION OF PROTEINS and leads to formation of advanced glycation end-products such as A1C among many others. You can avoid all these when you choose low carb high fat ketogenic real food that our ancestors eat for tens of thousands of years. Enjoy a cup of bone broth before bed time to support skin, joint, and gut health with cologen.


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