Prasara Yoga

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Unlock your innate Flow and find physical, mental and spiritual expression in motion! Explore and integrate your breath, structure and movement to release tension, strengthen the body and cultivate personal mastery.

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Prasara is an historical Sanskrit time period which means movement with out thought. Man’s pure state of peak efficiency is certainly one of rest and spontaneity past the affect of ego and fear-reactivity. Internationally famend champion, coach and health knowledgeable Scott Sonnon presents a novel method for realizing your artistic expression of self. Described by some as what yoga is meant to be , this program strikes past set patterns and static poses to remodel the practitioner right into a bodily artist recreating one’s self with every motion.

At instances resembling breakdancing, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics or different acquainted disciplines, Prasara Yoga is the subsequent evolutionary step within the painstaking improvement of biomechanical train and Round Power Coaching for Three-Dimensional Bodily Preparedness.

Coach Scott Sonnon the person accountable for introducing the Prasara method to the West:

Prasara was written about in 200B.C. within the bible of yoga, The Yoga Sutras compiled by the creator Patanjali, so it isn’t NEW, nevertheless it makes a New You!

Earlier than Prasara Yoga, I had studied the science of movement with the highest researchers within the former Soviet Union, the place sport was a political platform. Billions of Rubles had been spent on this think-tank of Olympic Coaches, Particular Forces Trainers, Psycho-Physiologists and Biomechanics Researcher Medical doctors. I had the privilege of being the primary American to check behind that Iron Curtain and profit from their findings. They utilized movement psychology to all of their athletes and navy personnel with uniform success which made the united states a legendary opponent.

But it surely wasn’t till I used to be blessed by turning into a devotee to a dwelling saint that I understood how the Science of Movement is an Artwork of Residing; I found how this
cutting-edge science got here from an historical bodily self-discipline. There’s nothing new underneath the Solar however there may be a lot that turns into misplaced to us. And now I’ve been given the distinction of sharing this Prasara Yoga with you.

Amplifies Your Spirit, Quiets Your Thoughts and Makes Savage Your Physique!

There’s one major rationale behind the common effectiveness of Prasara Yoga as a result of it finds the hidden vulnerabilities in your physique just like the lacking bulbs on the Christmas tree, plugs them again into your nervous system, and in consequence completes the circuit permitting an infinite abundance of vitality to CHARGE YOU UP!

So, simply investing a couple of minutes every day in these actions pays off with huge dividends of vitality.
You get the entire health attributes energy, stamina and mobility concurrently. And sure, the fats evaporates permitting you to suit again into these fabulous garments you’ve got needed to adorn your attractive bod. You may have that RIGHT NOW if you happen to cease fascinated about it, begin DOING it.

Dedicate your self to this program and you will remodel in report time. As a matter of reality, I’ve compiled a 14 level listing of the potent outcomes that 1000’s upon 1000’s of others across the planet have reaped from the Prasara Yoga course. Right here, learn for your self what others have mentioned:

1. Handle the power aches and pains from weight-lifting, working, and aerobics.

2. Your physique will act as a furnace and start to soften fats away out of your physique.


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